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Czech Travel Talk

Czech Travel Talk
Just the words you need to get around and communicate...

  • Audio CD with 300 essential travel words and phrases
  • Audio Music CD offering a variety of selections reflecting national culture.
  • U-Print PDF quick-reference audio guide
  • A comprehensive Lonely Planet Phrasebook with two-way dictionary plus cultural insights.

The ideal companion for all travelers. This unique audio includes both what you hear and what you say to facilitate interaction with locals at hotels, shops, restaurants - anywhere your travels take you.


  • 60 minute audio CD
  • Audio Music CD
  • 3500-word Lonely Planet two-way Dictionary + Phrasebook
Not Available


The CZECH Language:
Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic. It is spoken by about 11 million people, of whom over 10 million reside in the Czech Republic and close to 1 million whom are in Slovakia and North American combined. Grammatically, Czech has seven cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, locative, instrumental, and vocative) for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives. It is not necessary to use personal prounouns with verbs since person and number are clearly shown by the verb endings; however, personal pronouns may be used for emphasis. A modified version of the Roman alphabet is used for writing Czech.

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