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French 24

French 24 - Special Edition
French 24 - Special Edition is a comprehensive beginner through advanced language learning program designed for travel, business and personal enrichment.

This 20 CD program begins with 1 60-minute audio CD of survival words and phrases needed for travel. Next, 9 audio CDs feature beginning, intermediate and advanced grammar concepts essential for language mastery. Then, test your comprehension with 3 immersion audio CDs containing conversations in the French language. Finally, 7 vocabulary building audio CDs include key vocabulary and phrases essential to fluency. A multi-sensory experience with everything you need to master the French language!


  • 1 Traveler's Suvival CD - Basic travel survival words and phrases
  • 9 Multi-level language, grammar & conversation CDs.
    Beginning Level - Introduces key words and phrases. Develops basic grammar skills. Emphasizes travel needs.
    Intermediate Level - Increases vocabulary. Presents new grammar concepts. Includes more routine day-to-day experiences.
    Advanced Level - Broadens vocabulary base. Adds even more grammar skills. Enriches conversational abilities.
  • 3 Language Immersion CDs - Unique immersion conversations. Spoken at both normal and slow pace to increase comprehension. Develops sense of rhythm of Spanish language.
  • 7 Vocabulary Builder CDs - Increases vocabulary. Organized as nouns, verbs, modifiers, expressions. Adds power to your speaking.

Also includes:

  • A CD-ROM with 9 Listening Guides of content for all 20 audio CDs. A full text of all audio above plus additional grammar notes. View on computer or print.
  • 2 media player-ready MP3 CDs of all audio content for language learning on-the-go. With content from all 20 CDs above for digital listening on your iPod, other media player, MP3 compatible CD players.
  • A 60-minute Travelogue DVD with a guided tour of France. Relax and enjoy...A tour of all the must-see places. Capture the ambience of France.
  • 250 full-color illustrated flashcards for easy review of key nouns, modifiers, and verbs.
  • Travel case packed with all discs and extra room for flashcards, CD player or portable media player, maps, passports, etc.
  • BONUS! International Travel Clock.

Not Available

French Speak in a Week

French - Speak in a Week!
Complete Four Week Set

See, Hear, Say & Learn. To make language learning fun and easy, we took a complete French language course and put it in a handy take anywhere, learn anytime format! Now, you can learn to speak French quickly and easily with the unique Speak in a Week program. Language learning has never been so easy! Each Week includes:

  • Wire-o bound 240-page softcover book
  • 45-minute audio CD
  • Convenient fold-over hardcover case

Each Week mini-course offers:

  • Colorful illustrations to link vocabulary and grammar skills to visual images.
  • A convenient soft-cover, wire-o book that's easy to flip thru or lay flat.
  • A Glossary that complements the lessons in each Week's course.
  • An audio CD for native pronunciation plus practice exercises to test skills.

All together, these 4 Weeks take you effortlessly from beginning to strong intermediate French language skills.

Not Available

French Travel Talk

French Travel Talk
Just the words you need to get around and communicate...

  • Audio CD with 300 essential travel words and phrases
  • Audio Music CD offering a variety of selections reflecting national culture.
  • U-Print PDF quick-reference audio guide
  • A comprehensive Lonely Planet Phrasebook with two-way dictionary plus cultural insights.

The ideal companion for all travelers. This unique audio includes both what you hear and what you say to facilitate interaction with locals at hotels, shops, restaurants - anywhere your travels take you.


  • 60 minute audio CD
  • Audio Music CD
  • 2000-word Lonely Planet two-way Dictionary + Phrasebook


Not Available

Lyric Language French

Lyric Language - French
Bilingual Live-Action DVD & Audio CD

Learn French the Fun Way!

Bilingual Live-Action DVD
Live-action music videos with 21 original bilingual songs and music bring language learning to life for kids of all ages.

  • Learn French, or Apprendre Anglais, with this unique bilingual program.
  • Each song video features a short animated introduction by the well-loved Family Circus® characters.
  • All song lyrics are subtitled on-screen.
  • Enjoy seperate on-screen viewing of the lyrics with the audio for sing-alongs.
  • Plus, bonus video and photos of Bil Keane and the REAL Family Circus® kids are included on the DVD.

Bilingual Audio CD
Take your music with you anywhere. All 21 songs are included on the Audio CD!


  • 70-minute Audio CD
  • DVD with 70-minute live action video plus special features.
  • Full-color U-print™ Lyric Book as PDF on the DVD

Winner of several awards including Dr. Toy 10 Best Children's Audio & Video Award and California Children's Media Award.

Not Available

The FRENCH Language:
French is the offical language of France. French is spoken as a first language by more than 70 million people, chiefly in France (55 million speakers), Belgium (3 million), Switzerland (1.5 million), former French and Belgian colonies in Africa (5 million) and Canada (6.5 million). French probably ranks next after English as a second tongue. Having served as an international language in diplomacy and commerce as well as among educated people during the last few centuries, French still enjoys great prestige culturally and is one of the languages used by the United Nations. Written French uses the Roman alphabet. French spelling, which has many silent letters, is not always a reliable guide to pronunciation. For example, final consonants are generally not sounded. French spelling, however, is closer to the pronunciation than is English spelling.

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