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Hebrew Travel Talk

Hebrew Travel Talk
Just the words you need to get around and communicate...

  • Audio with 300 essential travel words and phrases
  • Quick reference audio guide
  • A comprehensive Lonely Planet Phrasebook with two-way dictionary plus cultural insights.

The ideal companion for all travelers. This unique audio includes both what you hear and what you say to facilitate interaction with locals at hotels, shops, restaurants - anywhere your travels take you.


  • 60 minute audio CD
  • 300+ page Lonely Planet Phrasebook


Not Available

The HEBREW Language:
Hebrew was the language of the Jewish people in biblical times, and most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Modern Hebrew is now the official language of Israel. It is spoken by most of the 4.5 million Jews in that country. Modern Hebrew has experienced some changes in phonology, syntax and morphology. Pronunciation of various orthographical forms has changed, as well as the rules for prefixing and suffixing prepositions to nouns and prounouns. Ancient Hebrew seemed to favor a word order in which the verb precedes the subject of a sentence, but in Modern Hebrew the subject typically precedes the verb. Hebrew vocabulary has been updated by the addition of many new words, especially of a scientific nature.

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