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Slovene Langugage  > Teach Yourself Complete Slovene

Your complete Slovene speaking, listening, reading and writing package.

Learn Slovene - Teach Yourself Slovene
Complete Slovene
Includes: 2 x 30 minute Audio CDs + Illustrated coursebook
Beginner to Intermediate Level

Retail Price $27.95

Our Price $25.15


Teach Yourself Complete Slovene
A Complete Course for Beginners

Your total learning package. Speak, understand and write Slovene. Progress quickly beyond the basics. Explore the language in depth. Perfect for beginning and intermediate learners. Reinforce vocabulary, expressions and grammatical patterns. Includs 2 CDs featuring real-life conversations and exercises.

  • 1 Illustrated Coursebook
  • 2 x 30 minute audio CDs

Speak, understand and write Slovene confidently with Teach Yourself Complete Slovene. Learn everyday, useful Slovene through real-life situations that make grammar and vocabulary easy and memorable.

Learn Slovene Fast!

Learning to speak Slovene can be quick and easy with our Slovene language courses and learning aids.† Before you know it, youíll be on your way to learning Slovene.

Can I Really Learn Slovene?

The answer is YES!† Learning Slovene is easier than ever with our full line of Slovene language courses and learning aids.† Learning Slovene is not as hard as you might think.† With all the available Slovene resources, you can learn while commuting, while watching TV or while sitting in front of the computer.† If you want to learn to speak Slovene, there is no excuse to not.† The world is at our fingertips and learning Slovene will help you better communicate with everyone.

Here are 5 Secrets to Learn Slovene Fast:

  1. Set a Goal - Decide how many minutes each day you are going to set aside for your Slovene studies.† Stick to this no matter what comes about.† Setting a goal to study each day will help you more quickly achieve your goal to learn Slovene fast.
  2. Set a Time - Know at what time you are going to study Slovene each day.† This is part of your goal setting but of equal importance to your success.† Your time might be first thing in the morning.† Or it might be on your evening commute home.† Whatever the time is, stick to it.†
  3. Take Notes - Buy yourself a notebook to use for your Slovene studies.† In your notebook take notes of the words or phrases that may be difficult for you to remember.† Spell them out.† Write their definition.† Youíll be surprised with how much this will help you in your goal to learn Slovene fast.
  4. Collect Slovene Articles and Pictures - Keep a folder and collect Icelandic articles and pictures about the language and country you are learning about.† You might find an article about Slovenia.† Add those to your folder.† The internet is full of Slovene language newspapers.† Print off some articles to look over and see how many words you recognize.
  5. Have Fun! - There is no sense setting a goal to learn Slovene if you donít have fun.† Use your new language skills to practice with native speakers.† And before you know it, youíll be on your way to learning Slovene.† Good luck and have fun!

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