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Rosetta Stone Vietnamese  Language Software  
Rosetta Stone Vietnamese Level 1 - CD-ROM Software
Our Price $273.95

Build a foundation. Rosetta Stone Vietnamese Level 1 Software includes everything you need to begin learning Vietnamese-from grammar and vocabulary to basic sentence structure. It's the foundation upon which your language-learning journey begins! Rosetta Stone Vietnamese Level 1 Software will help you:

  • Build vocabulary and language basics.
  • Spell and write accurately.
  • Speak without a script.
  • Retain what you've learned.
  • Read and understand in your new language.

Sample topics include:

  • Age, family relations, household items
  • Introductions and greetings
  • Times of day and calendar terms
  • Buying and selling

Dynamic ImmersionT

Rosetta Stone's Dynamic ImmersionT method reconnects people to the language skills they used successfully to master their first language. With Rosetta Stone, you start from a position of strength-your own strength.

Learn a Foreign Language through Context

Rosetta Stone presents a carefully chosen selection of four images and asks you to select the image that matches the written text and the voices of native speakers. Building on the knowledge you've already gained and your intuitive grasp of the meaning of each picture, you make a choice. There's absolutely no translation or memorization to hold you back, so you start making progress immediately.

Immediate Reinforcement

The very second you complete a task, Rosetta Stone provides feedback. Speak a word and our unique voiceprint technology automatically rates your pronunciation. Connect an image with a phrase and you'll immediately learn if your choice was correct. Complete a set of exercises and you'll instantly know how well you did. With Rosetta Stone, you always know where you stand.

Systematic Sequence

Dynamic ImmersionT is a continuous process. The Rosetta Stone curriculum is carefully sequenced, gradually incorporating new words, phrases, and more complex grammar as it reinforces existing learning. Your understanding of your new language grows naturally.

It's fast. It's easy. It works!

Rosetta Stone Language Software offers a comprehensive course of study for beginning learners leading to everyday proficiency in listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing.

  • Learn All 4 Language Skills. Our balanced curriculum includes listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Native Speakers & Speech Recognition. Improve your speech by imitating a native speaker. Rosetta Stone's speech recognition records your voice and evaluates your pronunciation and accent dynamically.
  • No Tedious Memorization or Translation. Immerses you completely in your new language so you'll learn quickly and retain what you learn. Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists and drills.
  • Immediate Reinforcement. Previews, exercises, and tests with automated tutorials help you focus on areas that need additional reinforcement.

Hear what the others say about Rosetta Stone Software:

"I am astounded by the power of this software."
-Filmore Bender, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland

"Rosetta Stone allows students to master their curricular lessons in English, reaching required assessment goals and succeeding in leaving no child behind."
-Vicki Taylor; Coordinator, English Learner Services, Duarte Unified School District

"[My wife] speaks Portuguese and a little English. We got married and spoke two different languages. She has been using the program for about a month now and the change is unbelievable.The program is great and we tell everybody about it."
-Joseph and Marialuiza Kissane, Massachusetts

"I am convinced that Rosetta Stone is the best commercial language software available, which is why I recommend it to all my serious students and why I would definitely adopt it if I were in charge of a language program."
-Paul Lyddon, Ph.D. Candidate, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching (SLAT)

"It used to be that the best way to learn a language was to go to the country and immerse oneself in it. I think Rosetta Stone is even better: I can turn on the computer at any time, any place and am not dependent on anyone or any circumstance for learning Arabic. I'm amazed, and I'm telling everyone I know about Rosetta Stone."
-Steve Stoker, Texas


The VIETNAMESE Language:
Vietnamese is the mother tongue of approximately 75 million people who call themselves nguoi Viet or nguoi kinh, and who occupy mainly the delta lowlands of their S-shaped country. The other ethnic groups-Highlanders, previously called 'Montagnards'--as well as Cambodians, Chinese, and Indians, also use Vietnamese as the mainstream language in their daily communication with the Vietnamese. There are also more than a million expatriate Vietnamese in Europe, North America, Australia, Japan, and elsewhere, who try to preserve their native language as part of their cultural heritage.

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